Drabble List!

A Little Sleepy: Your muse falling asleep on my muse.
Cuddles: Our muses cuddling.
Mmph!: Our muses accidentally kissing.
A Little Messy!: Our muses being adorable cleaning up a mess together.
Hold Me...: Your muse has had a nightmare and comes to cuddle mine for safety.
I Kind Of...: My muse confessing that they love yours.
Don't Leave Me!: Your muse is dying in my muses arms and mine is frantic, doesn't want to lose you, and doesn't know what to do about it.
Better Me Than You: My muse sacrificing themselves to save the life of yours.
Goodbye: My muse dying in your muse's arms.
A Click And A Bang: My muse accidentally killing yours.
Together Or Not At All: Our muses dying together, telling all their secrets and confessing things.
It's My Fault: My muse blaming themselves for the death of yours.